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DDI-12 12 Gauge Shotgun AK 47 STYLE 12GA SHOTGUN
DDI's new entry into the shotgun market and I must say that it is both rugged and reliable. It also has a ton of top notch features and accepts virtually all of the standard Saiga mags and accessories that are so very common on the market place. The DDI name has become synonymous with quality built AK rifles. Now that same quality and reputation can be applied to their new AK style shotguns. Affordable and chocked with features.... What's not to love.

Chambered in and designed to reliably feed all 2 3/4 and 3" modern shotgun shell loads. Comes complete with 2-5 round mags. Accepts all DDI brand 12 gauge mags and all factory and aftermarket Saiga mags. Threaded barrel accepts all Saiga muzzle breaks.

This shotgun is taking the industry by storm.
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