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All Matching Captured WWII Nazi "dot" 1944 Code 98k Bolt Action Rifle w/ Capture Paper
This 98K rifle was manufactured by the Waffenwerke Brunn A.G. in BRNO.

The top of the receiver is marked with "dot" the wartime code for Waffenwerke Brunn A.G. in BRNO, over "1944". However, While the following gun reciever is dated 1944, serious consideration must be made that the late 5 digit serial number guns were actually manufactured in 1945. Presented with this rifle is the original Capture paper from March 7 1945

Serial # is 86230 marked on Receiver, Entire Cocking/Bolt Assembly, Magazine Plate, Trigger Guard Plate // Tangent Flip-up Rear Sight 1-20 with a Fixed Front Sight, Sling with Clip marked STreeC, 24" Barrel

Stamped on top of the Barrel is "JT" and E/63 // E/63 stamped on right side of receiver as well // This rifle is in Pretty good condition visually and mechanically
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