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The H&K MP5 SD
H&K’s MP5 is one of their most famous firearm designs, and of for the most recognizable submachineguns in the world.

The MP5 .22lr Rifle delivers the same look, feel and operation of the real deal in a rim-fire package! Just like its larger center-fire counterpart, the MP5 .22lr rifle features a collapsible stock and paddle magazine release. Another quality taken directly from the original is the charging handle, which can be locked into place in the recess notch, enabling the user to do the “MP slap.”

Other features of the MP5 .22lr rifle is its 16.1 inch barrel which is covered by a mock suppressor, giving it the appearance of the legendary MP5 SD without having to go through any paperwork.

This ergonomic rim-fire rifle is perfect for training, or for a range toy with a totally unique look.
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