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AAC Complete Upper .300 AAC Blackout 9 Inch Barrel AAC 51-Tooth Blackout Flash Suppressor 5/8-24 TPI Threads
All NFA Rules Apply
Complete 300 AAC Blackout Short Barrel Uppers
Made for the M4, HK-416, AR-15 and M16 platform to cycle full auto with both 300 BLK subsonic and supersonic ammo within normal operating specifications with no user adjustments required. Free-floating railed forearm helps maintain accuracy while providing for the mounting of accessories. Bolt carrier group meets full-auto specifications (full auto operation requires a full-auto lower receiver). Bolt uses Carpenter 158 steel. Gas-key is heat-treated and properly staked. Carrier is internally chrome-lined. Barrel is rifled in 1:8 twist full-auto chamber dimensions enhanced feeding and extraction compared to a match chamber. Barrel including bore and chamber is nitrided. 5/8-24 TPI. AAC 51-tooth Blackout Flash Suppressor.
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