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The TAC65 .22LR suppressor continues to set the standard for outstanding performance, light weight and an incredibly low price. As suppressor purchasers become more educated and understand the mechanics and construction of suppressors, the high performanc
Now you can shoot .22LR ammo and have it sound like a pellet gun with our TAC65 suppressor on your rifle or handgun. The reality of current suppressor designs and manufacture is that not much is new in the world of suppressor design and most all modern suppressors us a 2 stage K baffle, as does the TAC65. Performance in decibel reduction to the ear is comparable from one suppressor to the next. Although our meters can quantify db differences between suppressors, db measurements will vary between days, guns, ammunition etc. As a result suppressor baffle stack first based on our meter and then modify it based on human perception feedback. For instance, a slightly higher db at a different frequency might appear quieter based on the shooter's ability to hear it. Similarly, duration of peak db will have a different impression on your ear. For instance, a micro second at one db level will set a peak level on our meter (regardless of its duration), but it still sounds more quiet than 2 or 3 times the peak length of time at a slightly lower db level. Based on the wide range of differences in db data collection, data integrity and data interpretation, we do not publish meter generated db reductions (which have become somewhat of a joke in the suppressor industry) and instead offer our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE as explained below. We are confident that when you shoot a TAC65, you'll agree that its performance delivers.
Suppression Capability Excellent

Application .22LR Firearms Threaded 1/2x28 tpi Male
(Such As Walther P22, Ruger 10/22, etc)
ID Mounting Thread 1/2x28 TPI
Material 100% Aircraft Aluminum
Weight 4.2 Ounces
Length 5.970"
OD Dimension 1.000" Nominal (1.085 Actual)
Baffle Design 2 Stage Ported K Baffles
Endcap Design Threaded For User Disassembly, Each End
Finish Hard Black Anodized, Choice of Matte or Gloss
Engraving Professionally Laser Engraved Per BATFE Regulations
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