German Sport Guns Accessories

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GSG5 Front Vertical Grip perfect for any rail system forearm
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Factory NIB Front Vertical Grip for GSGPK5/MP5K ALL NFA rules apply
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NEW Outback Gemtech Fake Suppressor plus the adapter with a knurl thread protector for your protect of threads when no employing the suppressor.

Adapter is threaded 1/2x28
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Fits All GSG Model a Must for the 3 point sling
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Now a Kit to Convert your Standard GSG5 Carbine to a GSG5 SD complete with Forearm and Suppressor.
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GSG Side folding Stock
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German Sport Guns manufactures the highest quality accessories for your GSG-5 rifle, carbine or pistol. Each addition to your GSG-5 will improve its comfort, handling and shooting capabilities. All accessories are designed specifically for the GSG-5 and P
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NIB just like the Surefire 400 Rico Tactical light system fits all 1911 rail systems
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GSG Rifle Pistol or Sling, This is a 3 point Sling can also be used as a 2 point sling.
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Factory NIW Front PDW Grip for your GSGPK5 with pic rail system, must be a SBR or AOW to install NFA Item
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German Sport Guns Accessories

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