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Microtech 122-4 Ultratech AUTO OTF 3.46" Satin Double Edge Dagger Blade, Aluminum Handles
The Ultratech, will forever set the standard for all out-the-front knives. Ultratech is Microtech’s original dual action out-the-front knife, and has been the foundation of their entire OTF line.

Over the years, it has gone through several modifications, each time becoming more efficient and reliable. This version has the improved contoured handle with texturing thumb slide for more positive purchase. The Ultratech's spring remains in an "at rest" position at all times except when deployed. This ensures that the compressed spring will not become fatigued, assuring users that when the knife is fired, it will operate effectively. Ultratech can take many different forms; it can be topped with a standard machined aluminum top or a piece of carbon fiber.

The Ultratech's light weight, one handed open and close action, slim shape, and scalpel sharp blade make it a one of a kind knife, only available through Microtech.

This knife has proven time and again that it can withstand any obstacle.
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