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Factory NIB complete with Case manual, this is a new PREMAY KEEPER, BT Suppressor. Thread to fit HK USP 40 Tactical.
The B&T IMPULS II-A Pistol Recoil Improvement System is designed for the use on all Pistols using the "Browning" type barrel locking system. The design of the IMPULS II-A System permits easy
cleaning of the recoil Module without disassembling the silencer. Additionally, the impact of the bullet can be adjusted be the setting of the Impuls Module to compensate the eventual drop of subsonic ammunition used.
Using a wet charge such as water or other cooling liquid, the sound reduction can be improved for additional 10 dB A. The IMPULS II-A Silencer is intended for mounting on a threaded barrel. ONLY a dealer can order and keep this item not a regular
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