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North American Arms’ Ranger II – Finally a Top-Break Revolver in 22 Magnum AND 22 LR
The top-break action also allows the shooter to easily align the notches between each chamber with the hammer for safety.

Ranger is very well-made. It worked perfectly as designed. Extraction of empty cases was easy, with none sticking in the chambers.

The NAA Ranger is unique among handguns, and is even in its own class as a mini revolver.

It is the only small-frame top break revolver currently made, and the only top break of any size being made in the US.

That is a shame, as the top break is a good design, and was once a unique American icon among revolvers. I would love to see the top break revolver make a comeback in the United States, and perhaps this smallest of all top breaks will lead the way.

The NAA Ranger is a limited-production revolver, chambered for the 22 magnum cartridge only, so if you want one, now is the time.
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